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In This Episode

In this introductory episode, host Scott and co-hosts Brian, Ryan, and Eric introduce themselves and discuss their approach to healthcare innovation. They explore the relationship between best ideas and innovation, and the meaning of winning in healthcare. They also discuss the potential for losing in healthcare and the importance of staying in the game and fulfilling the mission.

Overall, the hosts emphasize the need for collaboration, culture change, and a focus on patient outcomes and satisfaction. The conversation explores the importance of aspirational statements and fulfilling missions in healthcare. It delves into the concept of failure and losing in healthcare, considering the impact of external factors and the need for outside support.

The discussion also highlights the difference between finite games and infinite games, emphasizing the importance of staying in the game and pursuing aspirational missions. The conversation touches on the value the podcast aims to provide to healthcare decision makers, including new ways of thinking and insights from industry leaders. It concludes by discussing the structure and themes of the podcast, with a focus on deep dives into specific topics.


  • Introduction and Getting to Know the Co-Hosts
  • Defining Healthcare Innovation
  • Relationship Between Best Ideas and Innovation
  • The Meaning of Winning in Healthcare
  • Different Perspectives on Winning
  • The Potential for Losing in Healthcare
  • The Importance of Aspirational Statements
  • Exploring Failure and Losing in Healthcare
  • Finite Games vs. Infinite Games
  • Minimizing Failures in Healthcare


  1. Collaboration and culture change are essential for healthcare innovation.
  2. Winning in healthcare means achieving outstanding patient outcomes, financial rewards, and reducing clinician burnout.
  3. Losing in healthcare can result from sticking with the status quo, lack of intentional decision-making processes, and becoming obsolete.
  4. The best ideas are not always synonymous with innovation, and execution is crucual for success.
  5. A broader perspective on winning in healthcare includes fulfilling the mission and staying in the game.

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