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Advisors for competitive advantage.
Partners for sustained performance.

At Csuite Growth Advisors, we've sat where you sit. We have lived the challenge of creating and communicating a vision, and developing the competencies and capabilities to achieve it - especially in the healthcare space.
We started Csuite Growth Advisors with a singularity of purpose - growth.

We support growth for leading health systems by dramatically increasing:
Customer-valued growth across the spectrum from healthcare to health and well-being
Focused innovation, including business structures, services design, and provider and patient experience / engagement
Sustained and consistently-high levels of performance

Our team of advisors are all practitioners, have all lived within the health system ecosystem and understand the high complexity, multiple stakeholders and missional elements of healthcare organizations.

Instead of leaving you with a complicated, convoluted plan, we work with you to accomplish your objectives.

How We Do It

Growth Design & Opportunity Mapping™

Understand your organization's untapped growth potential, current limitations, and develop an actionable plan for the short and long-term.
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Customized Advisory Service

For a more far-ranging focus on innovation, and forward-thinking collaboration, we offer our Customized Growth Advisory Service.
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Innovation and Collaboration

Our proven and trusted network of collaborators, whose companies bring better thinking and speed-to-cash solutions for increasing your system's growth.
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Our Advisors

Brian Paradis

Founder & Principal Advisor

Scott Perryman

Senior Advisor

Shara Mock

Senior Advisor

Ryan Paradis

Senior Advisor
Get to know the team behind Csuite Growth Advisors.
Meet the Team

“They really helped us think through our strategy. Brian has clear vision and knows how to impart that on the teams he works with.”

– Bill Robertson, CEO at multicare

“Csuite Growth Advisors are extraordinary thinkers, and can connect dots to better leverage system strategies.”

– Bill wing, coo at adventist health

“Csuite Growth Advisors are well-versed in creating organizational focus.”

– Fred Manchur, CEO at Kettering Health Network

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