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Why Csuite Growth Advisors?

1. We see the big picture and we see it from multiple perspectives. And we see the critical details. We don’t get so focused on the strategy that we lose sight of the capabilities, culture and resources needed to execute it. We consistently work to see the bigger aims and how each strategy and action aligns to the whole. Our Clients routinely praise our ability and willingness to explore multiple solutions within their organizational and market context, with clearly outlined pros and cons. And finally we often see what others don’t.

2. We are fast and nimble. We strongly believe in the ability of a small, committed and capable team. Moving fast early, leaving time and bandwidth for iteration and improvement, is the cornerstone of our methodology. We are not locked in to our way, but are adaptable to your environment. Each of our engagement processes are designed to deliver the best outcomes for you.

3. We are true partners. We choose our Clients carefully and take their success as seriously as we take our own. We are all in with you, and don’t understand any other way. We are highly relational and maintain long term relationships with our clients, that allow increasing levels of value and additional opportunities to bring value.

4. We challenge assumptions. The basis for any strong partnership is two way communication. This means the ability to really listen, not just hear. It means understanding our own biases and the willingness to sometimes suspend them. But it also demands the integrity to question the status quo, challenge assumptions and offer alternative approaches whenever and wherever we can imagine them.

Brian Paradis

Brian was President of AdventHealth’s Central Florida Division–a $4 billion enterprise with more than 25,000 employees and 2,000 physicians. Under his leadership, Florida Hospital was ranked #1 hospital in Florida by U.S. News & World Report for three consecutive years, was one of the largest hospitals to become ISO certified, and was a 2014 finalist for the prestigious Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award. Brian played pivotal roles in bringing to life the Walt Disney Children's Pavilion and Celebration Health in collaboration with Walt Disney World. He is a proven creative strategist and operator, and known for his imaginative leadership, collaborative nature, and growth orientation. Brian is the CEO and Founder of Csuite Growth Advisors.

Brian is also the author of Lead With Imagination: Regaining the Power to Lead and Live in a Changing World.

Scott Perryman

Scott’s professional journey has often found him at the nexus of healthcare, sports, and higher education, including his contributions to the development of sports medicine partnerships among professional sports teams, academic medical centers, highly skilled sports medicine physicians, and the establishment of start-up sports medicine practices. He has a strong history of leading teams who achieve high-level financial, quality, and operational performance in the for-profit, not-for-profit, and academic hospitals and medical practice sectors of healthcare. His teams’ accomplishments include recognition as a Leapfrog Group national top children’s hospital four times and recognition as a magnet hospital. Scott is actively completing his dissertation to earn a Doctor of Psychology degree in Sport and Performance Psychology, adding to his foundation of Finance, Management, and Marketing. He is a Strategic Play LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® certified facilitator and the Founder and Principal of Agon Consulting. Scott is a Senior Advisor and leads our Growth Design & Opportunity Mapping at Csuite Growth Advisors.

Shara Mock

Shara has 15 years of experience in healthcare leadership. Her most recent post was as Director of Global Patient Experience for AdventHealth Central Florida Division, where she developed and implemented patient- and family-centered experience initiatives for the 2,300-bed hospital system; demonstrating her ability to seamlessly intersect process improvement, customer experience, and strategic planning. Shara holds a Master's of Business Administration, is a Certified Patience Experience Professional (CPXP) and is a Senior Advisor at Csuite Growth Advisors.

Ryan Paradis

Ryan has a broad educational background with a degree in finance, Master's in Health Administration, and a (soon-to-be-completed) Masters in Public Health. He consistently demonstrates outstanding technical and analytical skills. These abilities, combined with his integrative thinking allows him to translate information to tangible actions. While serving as a Practice Administrator with AdventHealth Medical Group – the fourth largest non-profit health system in the United States, Ryan achieved top decile performance for all of his physician practices. Ryan is a Senior Advisor and leads our Curated Solutions Network at Csuite Growth Advisors.

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