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Growth Design & Opportunity Mapping™

Understand your organization's untapped growth potential, current limitations, and develop an actionable plan for the short-and long-term.

Are you facing intense competition and new competitors? Are you trying to grow and fulfill your mission with limited capital and operating margins? Are your current operating systems falling short in growth planning and execution?

Csuite Growth Advisors bring proven processes, systemic and disciplined approaches - supported by a deep understanding of the role of cultures, to drive growth. This work is equal parts art and connecting the dots while looking for market opportunities.
Because this work is not a formula or rote, it takes creative iterations and a best idea wins design effort. For this reason, we view all our engagements as highly collaborative and require true partnership to achieve the level of transformative and competitive success we strive for.

We design for growth through three lenses:

1. the mindsets of leaders and the organization,

2. the systems, structures, and processes in place,

3. and the specific strategies and operational tactics.

Our Four-Phase Process

We complete this work in four phases:

Kickoff & Ambition-Setting

Ready, Set, Go!

In Phase 01, we conduct a pre-kickoff leadership design session, conduct individual leadership interviews to gather feedback, synthesize and analyze high-level strategic data from internal and external sources, ask critical questions to develop early insights, and produce a Process Brief.
Phase 01 Output
Process Brief containing a clear definition of success, potential opportunities, stakeholder perspectives, and early insights.

Research & Competitive Assessment

Just the facts (and some evidence).

In Phase 02, we utilize a quantitative and qualitative approach while we seek to test and tighten the assumptions from Phase 01, gather more information to better understand limitations, and complete an analysis to determine the characteristics of the competitive landscape as well as new market opportunities.
Phase 02 Output
Provide leading insights into your current reality, future potential, capability challenges, and competitive strengths and weaknesses.

Strategy Development

What do we need to do to win?

In Phase 03, we begin to work with the end in mind. A strategic plan needs to be adaptive to survive changing or unanticipated conditions. The healthcare landscape is more like a swamp than a paved road, so a good strategic plan serves more as a compass than a detailed roadmap.

So, we start with a working model that serves a broad framework, and aligns with your bigger aims and articulated vision. In addition, we further assess existing capabilities, both structural (resources) and behavioral (cultural dynamics). We look for additional internal and external friction affecting the growth process, and review local and national trends.

Then we begin working with you to sketch the strategic frames, looking for both incremental improvements as well as the strategic leaps. We also test the quality of the individual and collective strategies through our design criteria of coherency, coordination and context.
Phase 03 Output
Strategic Framework, priorities, and additional work to close any capabilities and capacity gaps.

Ideation to Action

What hills are we taking–exactly?

In Phase 04, we are translating the strategies to specific actions, sequencing them, and pressure testing the likelihoods for success. These actions deserve resources and clear ownership within your team, and systemic accountability processes. We work through these issues as well, and build them into the opportunity maps.

We look for opportunities with single actions that create multiple outcomes ("one investment, many returns") and faster returns on investment to fund the next strategy ("speed-to-cash"). Momentum matters in the market and inside your organization, and so does the pacing of your teams. Both must be managed.
Phase 04 Output
Growth plan that is systemic, comprehensive and executable leading to predictable growth results and return(s).

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