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Equity & Innovation Partnerships

Our Equity and Innovation Partnerships are designed to spearhead strategic investments and foster collaborations that yield tangible operating returns on innovation and investment for health systems, startups, and investors.

Through these collaborations, we leverage CGA’s comprehensive expertise to align startup innovations with the specific needs of health systems. This synergy enhances operational performance and promotes strategic growth while conserving both funds and time, ultimately mitigating risks and amplifying success rates.

CGA stands out by seamlessly integrating our extensive knowledge of health system strategies and operations with a keen insight into innovation systems. Our active participation as healthcare entrepreneurs, combined with our capability to nurture genuine connections, underscores our unique position. This distinctive blend aids us to forge equity partnerships that transcend traditional boundaries.

Our Focus:

  • We specialize in guiding and aligning early-stage startups with health systems, pinpointing critical challenges and opportunities while evaluating viable solutions.
  • Where market gaps exist, CGA takes the initiative to launch or assist in launching companies aimed at addressing these unmet needs, showcasing our commitment to filling crucial industry voids.
  • We collaborate with a select group of health systems to create an ecosystem rich in funders, founders, and focused expertise. This environment accelerates the discovery and implementation of innovative solutions external to the health system, ensuring that transformative ideas find their place and thrive.

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